NEW here and need help


So I dont know if this is possible, but I am lost on what to do. I need a simple drawing or design done (like by morning). My sister had somone desiging a logo for her wedding and it got all messed up in the 11th hour and now for printing we need something so simple.

His name starts with a Q and hers a K. They want the Q to be like a rope (or lasso) and the tail of the “Q” to look like the end of the rope and become the “K”. if that makes sense.

If anyone can help me tonight to come up with something amazing for her (if I can even do this on this forum) I would be so grateful.

Going to keep looking so let me know…




Hi Lindz,

May I know your budget please for this job?



I don’t know… what is fair? Tell me what you could do it for? If you did multiple variations I would pay for each. It could be a drawing or a illustrator dwsign


No Problem, you’ll have to order my gig for this purpose and I can provide you something similar to this.
If this is the thing which you’re looking for then let me know and I’ll give you the link to order my gig.



I would love to do thatt. Im sorry to be naieve but how do I order your gig?


Hey Don’t be sorry, Let me guide you for this.

Here’s the link of my gig, but I’ll request you to order premium package of my gig, as this is completely a custom design illustration task. Premium package will cost you $65. Please let me know if that makes sense to you?