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New here and not really impressed - [RESOLVED]


As they say. You get what you pay for or Buyer beware, take your pick. I ordered a logo yesterday for my website and it was perfect. Today I ordered another logo for my other website from same seller. But this time it was not as good. It was not ready for the website and not what I asked for, but I sent another Gig and tried again. This time it was worse. Fiverr kept telling me I could not contact the seller unless I bought as Gig? So after many attempts to contact the seller hey got back to me and said they would fix it if I placed another Gig order. Ok so I did it one last time. Fiverr form kept timing out and I had to start over. This is my last time ordering here.


Reply @madmoo: I have contacted the seller to see if he can provide the link to change the negative to a positive as I agree, the 1st logo was well worth $20. Hope it is end of story. Goodwill is obvious here. Thank you @princemaxx for your kindness, even though it will not work, you have a kind soul and I hope to do the same.



For new buyers like yourself, I’d suggest that you take your time and do a bit of research on which gig/seller to use. Look at his ratings, reviews, feedbacks, portfolios etc. Don’t simply choose the first gig you saw and expect miracles.


It can be a bit confusing. on the seller’s page, in fine, fine print, underneath the order button, is there a “contact seller” link? If not, maybe using this link would work:


It was a different logo, right? Perhaps the seller didn’t quite “get” what you wanted on this one? It’s never a good idea to continue ordering gigs unless you can get in contact with the seller. Perhaps you should contact Fiverr Support and see if they can help you.

I’m sorry you had this experience. We’re not all bad apples. :slight_smile: You may want to hang around the forums a while and see if anyone here has a similar gig to what you need. There are some awesome people here. :slight_smile:


Reply to @thefacebookgeek:

I did my homework and was pleased with the first logo. No miracles expected.


What would support do? It is their policies that are questionable as far as contacting the buyer, etc. and having to submit an order to address the seller.


The 1st logo is very good and is currently being used on my site and as a watermark, it is that good. It is just that the 2nd, 3rd and now 4th Gig for a second logo is not working out. The seller did not offer to fix or give suggestions, just submit another order and he would take care of it, thus the pay another Gig to speak to the seller. I am sure there are great designers here. I find fault with the guidelines here. I made my profile and stated was a concert photographer and put in my web address. Immediate WARNING and told to remove it. So I did. Maybe I should become a seller myself here of my services?



Reply to @iamnotjerry: I agree with madmoo. You should definitely give it a try being a seller :slight_smile:


If you were unable to contact the seller outside of buying a gig it usually means they are being looked at for breaking the rules.

As for the gig itself, as stated earlier, when the seller delivers the order there is a “Resolve Problems” tab below the order form. On here you can “Reject the order” thus making the seller either fix it or risk being dinged for non-delivery. You can even cancel the gig and leave bad feedback.

I would suggest rejecting order number(s) 2, 3 and 4 and getting your refund.

I imagine logo design is hard (Well, I know it is because I design my own logos for my sites) but never take a bribe. EX: I’ll fix logo 2 if you order logo 3. If that ever happens reject the order right away, and leave the bribe in the feedback. (You can go back and alter your feedback, even for the first order if you wish. Just look up the order under the “My shopping” tab.

There are a lot of safeguards in place for buyers. But finding them when you’re a brand new ‘Fiverr-er’ can sometimes be a pain.

Either way. Don’t get scammed. Go back, reject the orders, alter your feedback, do whatever you have to do if this buyer will not adhere to what you want.


After a night’s sleep I have deceided to stay based on the many helpful suggestions. I changed my positive feedback on the last logo and commented, "The font style was not followed and the requested size was not delivered. In response to my concerns the seller responded, “… close this and put another one i will make new with your new guidelines.” I did this without knowing I had other options. Hope my 3rd Gig results is a useable logo."

Well I can kiss that 3rd Gig goodbye as when they read the change the current project will be trashed. To bad because their 1st logo was very good.

And I will look into becoming a seller as well.


Never order anything before speaking to a seller (It’s almost always what us sellers go by) we’d rather make sure we know what we are doing and can complete the task before any orders go through. As other posters stated if you cannot contact a buyer it is for a reason. I’ve never heard of having to order before talking to a seller, I suppose it would catch their attention…every time I get an order I’m on top of it! BUT that is the wrong way to get their attention. Customer Support CAN help you with your issues if contacting the buyer isn’t working out for you.


Me too. I was new here but since last 6 months I have not received more than 1 order. I am really depressed.


You know what? My seller was sheep as well, Hmmm


I thought that when I first went there, but their logo really intrigued me. But it was an omen.


It’s often worth $5 just to know what you don’t want.


Reply to @anarchofighter

Yes but it is more like $15 here


Well he has NOT delivered the last logo and wrote,“


Thank you for a bad review … That rally helps… Every logo you ordered I delivered in less than 6 hours … I did your work as a priority… And you know it better that this logos are not $5 ones… Every time you will come out with some new idea and I follow them … But at the wand I still get a bad review …” so I guess I contact the support team for not getting the last Gig?


Can you please show us the logo so we can have a look? :slight_smile: