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New here and would like some advice


Hello i am new here and like some advice on how to get up and running. Here is a link to my page, i would like some critique and suggestions on how to improve my overall gig presentation and attraction of potentials buyers.

ps: i was made some offers but buyers want over the top request for stuff that belongs on a porn site. Hence i need to know where to report such acts or if best to ignore them.

thanks in advance.


Your gig looks ok. I would use proper capitalization and spelling. Breathtaking is correct, breathe taking is not. Things like that. If you are saying that people are looking for nudity or something inappropriate, just put, “Please, no requests for nudity” in your description. Good luck.


I took a look at your page and here are my thoughts.

  1. You need a video of yourself talking about your gig. People tend to trust folks with a video more than those that don’t have one. If you don’t want to do this or can’t then please do the following:
  2. Add more pictures. If you have a gig where you will take a picture of yourself holding a sign up, then you should have some pictures of you holding a sign up. Since there is only one picture, people are going to move on. This is especially true if you aren’t going to put up a video. You also want to make sure the pictures you take are of good quality and represent what your buyers will get when they purchase your gig. Check out other gigs in your category and see what they do. (Most of them have a “Fiverr” sign they hold up in their picture as a first example. Try that.)
  3. Your spelling, grammar, and capitalization in your description is a bit…lacking. I recommend you go back and update it to be more clear and grammatically correct. I realize you have a “take a picture” gig so you would think that wouldn’t matter, but it does. People don’t want to buy from someone that doesn’t take the extra time to make sure that their stuff looks good. Go into as much detail as possible. Give them ideas of what they could use this for.

    Those are my thoughts. You do those three things you should start seeing more traffic and hopefully soon you’ll see more sales. Keep in mind, sometimes these things take time. It may be awhile before you get your first sale.

    In regards to the people asking for inappropriate pictures and such, report them. Just like webtelly said, add something like “No requests for nudity” to your description.

    Good Luck!


Ok thanks alot, keep them coming.


Ok i love how your guys are supportive, and is willing to jump right in here and give the advice. I will work on all the recommendations tomorrow, again thanks a million to everyone.


add GIG video and more image. important thing is that image should communication your service. your GIG is very poor from that side. it is only your photo. where is your service.


Get a better gig picture and show examples of your work i.e photos of you holding a sign. Your gig is basically a picture of a hot chick, you, advertising something, the oldest advertising strategy there is. However, I’ll I see in your gig is a hot chick in a mediocre low-resolution picture. The photos needs to be of professional quality and high resolution, and need to show you holding a really awesome sign while still being attractive. Show potential buyers a sample of the amazing product they can purchase.

P.S The nature of your gig and the nature of the internet means perverts will contact you no matter what, it would probably be best to just ignore them, a new pervert will appear as soon as you report the last one.


When you put this as almost the only thing on your gig:

"I will take a photo of my self holding your sign for $5 in Hold Your Sign

take a photo of my self holding your sign

About This Gig

stunningly beautiful, breathtaking, or simple any way you want it"

It is pretty clear what you are selling. If that isn’t the concept you want to portray, you need to re-write. Also, you have no profile description and your profile picture isn’t high quality which is also going to hurt sales and bring more guys who are just looking for “any way you want it.” There are plenty of women on Fiverr who show model-like pictures at actual professional quality. Some can actually produce what they say and many cannot.

If you want more and better, you need to write and display more and better as @heyjoe421 implied.


There is no photo sample of what you are offering. So of course you are going to get inappropriate requests for things. It reads as a very inappropriate gig without actual photos showing what you really offer.

You need to show buyers the quality of the sign you are going to hold up, the lighting, and a sample of what you will be wearing. Are you planning to do bikini photos or will you be wearing a nice suit? Show at least 2 or 3 examples. Make up a company name if you have to, and do a full photo of what you would deliver to a potential buyer, then use that as a portfolio.

Basically the best way to get jobs is to showcase your work, this doesn’t showcase anything other than your photo. Make sure whatever samples you have on Fiverr is close to what you will actually deliver.