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New here anyone guide?

Hey i am new here. Posted my first gig but still no response.


There are thousands of logo designers on Fiverr, why would a buyer choose someone who copied somebody else’s gig description, and risk getting stolen design?


Here is some helpful information for a new seller.


Don’t Worry

That’s doesn’t matter. please wait, share your gig on social media
you have to online minimum 15-16 hours

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@alina908 you can follow these instruction bellow

Welcome to the fiverr forum. Promote your gig and social media networks.

Read the forum’s tips

Send the buyer requests

Use the correct tags and topics

Stay online with your account

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Thank you. that is really appreciating :slight_smile:

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thanks for suggestion. can you guide any page link popular on any social media for posting gig add

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At least you can encourage rather than discouraging. God is the real owner of earnings not us.

Do you honestly believe that God would approve stealing gig descriptions from other sellers?


Yes why not?
LinkedIn is The most populer professional social network
Also Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin is best

Do you mean that it does not matter that she copied someone else’s gig description? She will think it matters if the person she copied finds out and reports it to Fiverr CS. :scream:


Any gig any image, no description can be copied to anything, then its account is likely to be disabled.

She just wanted to know how she would grow up and how she could increase the gateway Impressions before she

You have to first understand the point that what he is trying to say is that he will not say this in the wrong way. He is trying to say how he will raise or improve on him.

There will be no growing if her gig gets removed for plagiarism, or if her accounts gets banned.


He did not give complete analysis of his subject, because everyone would have a little problem understanding

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whoever Thank you so much @catwriter

Which advise would be most valuable to you? Truthful suggestions from experienced sellers? Or suggestions from sellers that joined Fiverr only last month? :wink:


I am sorry, but your messages are very difficult to comprehend.

The OP has blindly copied someone else’s gig description (which already has many grammatical mistakes in it; great choice of gig for copy-pasting) and pasted it on their own profile. “Blindly,” because the OP’s gig description says:

P.s: See FAQs for further details

when, in fact, she doesn’t even have an FAQ section set up for her gig. This is HIL-A-RIOUS.

@rbraihan I don’t know why you are trying to side with someone who is going against Fiverr’s ToS. Care to share why?

Sure! She only wanted to know “how she would grow up.” But how is she going to “grow up” when she is copying someone else’s description and going against the ToS? I am curious. Please help me out @rbraihan

:arrow_down: Taken directly from the ToS:


ToS is something every new buyer should take time to read. Even as an experienced buyer I read them over every few months because I want to be familiar with them and sometimes parts of them get changed.

Reading, understanding and following ToS is an excellent way to stay out of trouble on Fiverr. Most of the problems that arise and are brought to the Forum for discussion are because the poster did not read ToS.

@alina908 This article may also help you.

Are You a New Seller? Not Sure Where to Start? These are the Resources You Need to be Successful on Fiverr [Long]