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New here....but why?

Hi Guys I’m new here but no one seem to need my services.
I am video editing.

It was hard in the beginning to get orders or even chat with people?

I’m wiling to do the work at the minimum price just to have something to do.

No one seems to message me even!

Many thanks!

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Thousands of other sellers offer the same exact services you do. What makes your service better than all of those, and what are you doing to out-compete your competitors?

Maybe you aren’t doing anything to be seen by the people who need your services. Maybe your competitors are offering better services, deals, or offers. Have you researched your competitors, and determined how you can be better and more appealing than they are?

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They are just too many and offer very low prices like me. Guess that it’s a waste of time to try further. Many people from India will do the job for £4.

Just like youtube nothing to be made here also.

Perhaps the problem is that you seem to sound desperate in your profile and gig description, not confident and like a professional? You’ll do it at a low price, you’re always online, unlimited minutes of footage & up to 60 minutes of running time for $5… And in another gig you offer up to 60 minutes of footage provided and to make a 1 minute video, also for $5.

On top of that, your gig descriptions are very short, tell what you’ll do, but not what’s the appeal of it all.

In short, it looks like you have no idea what you’re doing (in terms of running your business here) or how to present yourself as a professional with your profile and gig descriptions. You’re not giving anyone any reason to choose you over someone else.

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Just tried different approaches see which one is the winning one.
Will keep on trying thanks for your messages.

Be patient, and work on improving your gigs