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New here, can’t get started!


Hello everyone! I just tried to make an account, log in and use fiverr.
My problem is that I can’t verify my email account… I receive the email, I press the button indicating verify but nothing happens in the app…
I ended up with 2 accounts with different emails but no verification on any account.
Some help pls!!


I had the same problem
Ways to solve the problem:

  1. Remove cache from the browser. Clear history and try again.
  2. Contact customer support. They will resolve it for you in almost 5 to 6 hours after you will have sent a complaint.
    P.s my problem was resolved by Customer support service.


Suggest you contact Customer Support as you are only allowed one account. Explain the above to them.

Here is the link:


I logged in with my pc and verified my account at once! It seems the problem was with the ios, don’t know… thanks anyway for the answers!!