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New Here: can you have more than one fiverr account? [RESOLVED]

I didn’t know the user name would be my page name? How can I delelete this?

Sheriff’s Note: As stated by @sincere18, you would need to contact Customer Support. Ask to have your @breakingfast account removed before creating a new account. In summary, only one account per user and per payment method is allowed on Fiverr. You may also be interested in the link below. This topic is now closed.

No you cannot have more than one account. If you are new to Fiverr and want to change things, contact customer support and let them know you would like to cancel this account and the open a new one with a different name.

That is how you should do it anyway, cancel the first account and then create a new one after the other is canceled so you do not have two accounts at the same time which is against the terms of use.