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New here ! Kindly rate my gig out of 10. (help)

New here ! Kindly rate my gig out of 10. It will help me to understand either i am going well enough or not. thanks


Hmm… somewhere between 3 and 5.

The new font makes bold text look bad, and there are several grammatical errors in the description.
Unlimited revisions are never a good idea. There’s nothing that defines what a ‘revision’ is for this gig.
The description has a fair bit of ‘how’, but doesn’t help clarify what you’re actually going to do.
The [minmalistic] tag is wasted since you also have [minimalistic logo]. (It’s also spelt wrong.)
No FAQs.
Worse point: unoriginal samples.

In conclusion: Lots of room for improvement!


Well thanks for your honesty, by the way i am not a native writer and english is not my mother language. Everything you said is ok but there is not even a single sample that is not original. Are you judging my work by my grammatical mistakes? Each and every sample is 100% original, i made it myself. Thanks for your reply :slightly_smiling_face:

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Then you’re being copied.

As for the English, I understand that, and actually think you can up your “Languages English - Basic” in your profile from ‘basic’ to ‘conversational’. (You should also add your native language.)

And, no. I’m not judging your skill by your grammar.

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Mam check out the profile of the logo Seattle rainouts the one you found on google at 99deisgns is also my logo that i posted in a contest on 99designs with a profile name Cleanlogos read the details of that profile and match my name with fiverr profile and the other one Jaymoe is also designed by me that you are seeing on owners website, i am working as a freelancer since 2013 i have many builded profiles on different platforms.
So, kindly think about different aspects before making false accusations. Thanks


Here you can check out the second logo i won at freelancer website read my profile name

Match my face to fiverr profile

If you’re looking for an apology, you have it. I admit I made an assumption based on a quick Google search, and came to the incorrect conclusion. For this, I apologize.

In return, please understand that Fiverr is hyper-flooded with fake sellers. I’ll also admit that I’ve become a bit jaded by encountering these gigs.

Thank you for being real.
Thank you for defending yourself.
Thank you for your honesty in return.


Its ok you are right there are a lot of fake and low quality sellers are wandering here.

And thanks that you understand me.