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New here need some experience

Hello Dear people
i am a new-ish seller here on Fiverr. I say new-ish because I joined in october
and i want to ask about ranking , i created a gig and promote it to social media
i’ve got views 2.6k and clicks 1.6k and impressions only 6
but still no order what i have to do , maybe a portfilo ? i need some experience

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hello.welcome to the forum.
send buyer request daily
spend quality time on forum
use magnifier glass to search your topic

Thank you so much , i will do my best :slight_smile:

hi welcome to fiverr keep patience hope you will get order soon :slightly_smiling_face:

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Read this:

It might help you get the answers you need.

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thank you :)) , i just want to know clicks or views that makes me on page one or impressions

yes, clicks and view makes you on page one

Thank you i will read it big kiss :)))

99% incorrectly, fiverr has algorithm works with it.
@fahlem you should deliver your gig to the target customer who wants your service. Sharing your gig randomly on social media it’s spamming not marketing.

Be professional, don’t call others (Sir, madam, miss, brother, sister, dear…) because in some cultures they don’t like.
You can call others with name (ex: Hello John,) or say only Hello, Hi, Hey.

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Yes, you should absolutely stay away from the use of “dear” etc.