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New here on fiver

I’m new on fiver . recently
I created gigs but there is no order on my gigs. i also learn from fiver .


same here
no order from one month

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Don’t worry my friends.
Surely you will get your first order soon.
Try to reach more audiences daily by sharing your gigs. especially to the people who are interested in the services you have.

ok dear
when you got your first order?

Honestly i didnt remember the time. however that didnt come easily :slight_smile:

i share my gigs and get some impressions but no oreder :worried:

Don’t worry buddy.
Success doesn’t come in rush.
Try your best, surely within a very short time, you will get the best result


that’s amazing
where are you from?

Beautful Bangladesh :slight_smile:

good :slightly_smiling_face:

You need to wait for a few days. Hopefully you will receive orders soon.

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Welcome to Fiverr :heart:

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