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New here on fiverr


A relative of mine recommended this place and I finally set up an account to see if I can pull in a little extra money. So far no offers, but since I’m new that’s fine lol :slight_smile:


I am also quite new here, but I checked your profile and I believe for start you really need to improve content of your gigs and profile. Write something more about yourself in profile description. Also your gigs are very short, you just wrote - I will draw anything for you basicly - sell me a good and true story. :wink: Also you have only 1 image on your gig, that does not give me a lot of confidence to buy from you, because there are hundreds of illustrators, who have really big and great portfolio. Why would I then buy from you? - I just bought from one, few days ago, he is pretty new here, but he convinced me with his portfolio and his communication - at the end, final product was perfect.

Hope, I helped just a little bit. :slight_smile:


:heart_eyes: Good Luck both of you.


Thanks, I was just thinking the same thing. I added a couple pics and tweaked my gigs some more :slight_smile:


Same here!
I’m kind of worried about getting my name out there, after all there are so many people on this site, aha.
Hopefully, there will soon be a way for newbies to get small features/promotions of some kind, just to help us out a bit- maybe something like a ‘Newly Submitted’ section on the front page?


Goodluck To you
Beginning here is the most important


First and foremost, welcome, Prinnie and Claire, and good luck! :four_leaf_clover:

They do that actually, you can find posts on the forum which will tell you that a lot of sellers experience a drop in orders when they are not new anymore because of it :wink: New sellers do get a boost in ranking for a while, but you can imagine that there are a lot of new sellers all the time, so they have to rotate. And buyers can filter for new sellers too, which some do, in the hope and with the experience of new sellers often offering lower prices than established ones with lot of reviews.

Use the time while you don´t get that many orders yet to read the Fiverr Academy, listen to the Fiverr podcasts and read helpful forum posts on things that apply to you/r gigs and make use of your 10 offers/day you can send on Buyer Requests to get the first customers, if they don´t come by themselves (here´s a post I wrote with Buyer Requests basics if you haven´t discovered that feature yet: BUYER REQUESTS Feature – Basics for Sellers – WHAT AND WHERE IS BR?


Hi All

I am New here too. Actually, I created my profile a year ago but haven’t been active. I recently re drafted my profile and started searching for projects. No luck so far in weeks.

Anyways, It’s nice to meet you all newbies.



Welcome to all of the new users! Explore the site, read the help articles, and learn as much as you can. :slight_smile:


Good Luck!! I hope you will get many sales soon!

And stay active on Fiverr that will help you to get sales!


(I would help choose a well searched keyword for your website) i saw it in buyer request but i don’t understand
it is a mistake of sealer or buyer or fiver authority I am thinking that fiverr is our property we should obey it
and don’t neglect as type mistake it’s a very ugly looking to me


Good Luck
and be positive all the time when you begging and starting new think to build up


Dear I was same as you. I start working on fiverr year a go. and Now I’m full time on fiverr and my monthly earnings almost $1500-$2000 :slight_smile:


Hi Ma’am

Can you share some wisdom about your journey and how to get projects? I am new here and seem to have no luck so far getting projects.


Hello welcome back! I went to your gig, I saw that you only have one gig option. I think that it is definitely best to have at minimum two gigs. There is SO much competition here nowadays and the more gigs you have, the easier it might be for people to find you. For instance, when I am looking for a virtual assistant I search for the specific social outlet. So maybe you can make different gigs for each social platform. One for facebook, one for twitter, one for instagram, etc. I hope that helps, I just know that once I went from one gig to three I received orders almost instantly. :slight_smile:


It’s helpful to me.Thanks!


I just registered for Fivrr yesterday and ordered a logo. However, the person that I ordered gig from hasn’t replied to me, and I’m not sure how it works, whether I’m supposed to get an email reply or not. I did fill out this questionnaire seeking info about what I want in terms of logo, however. It’s been about 24 hours. Am I supposed to get an email reply or not?


It really depends on the seller, If he/she is overbooked, maybe you will never get an email response but will receive a delivered files notification directly. I don’t know how they handle the orders, but in my case, I respond to every order once they submitted the buyer’s requirement.


Well, I’ll just wait then. Is there any direct way to contact Fivrr, like customer service?


Yes, But instead of doing so, you should message your seller, and wait for their response.