New Here! Recording Young, Energetic Voiceover for YOU!


Hey guys! i’m Lois, just joined Fiverr! i do voiceover works and would love to see if anyone would like to work with me! I do young, energetic voice , of course , serious tones too! I’m interested in commerical, radio, YouTubes, and anything you wanna do! Let me know if you are interested or just say hi and let’s be friends here!


Lovely voice! Welcome and best wishes for lots of sales! :slight_smile:


Welcome dear :blush: best wishes for you!:+1:


thank you! here’s more about me : I offer professional, high quality voiceover clip. As an actor, i do extra step and try to deliver the audio with passion and a sense of story to tell the information to the listeners. I can do serious, energetic and many more types of voice tones. Previously i have worked with a music radio station and delivered some radio voiceover work with them. For more, you can check out my voiceover reel on my profile or visit :


Hi @chelsacarol22 I am interested in your work and want to join you.


Hey! what do you mean by joining me? :slight_smile: