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New here

So im new to this fiver thing. So far i see lots of people selling services. Is,there a wanted section where i can see ot the other away around?

Yes, it’s called using your research skills and deciding what skills you are good enough at to make them commercially viable then creating attractive gigs around them.

Or just making shit logos, writing terrible articles and begging people to help you. Your decision.

Ok thanks! I appreciate the non-snarkiness in the answer.

thanks for policing the damn forum the Dr was asking a perfectly logic question for beginner like he and i and a pile of people not as erudite and all wise on what’s proper to ask. get overyourself. i hope your CS department is not trained by you, emmaki

Dear Ms or Sir,

I know this does not fall on your shoulders. I am writing to advocate your company look into how some potential customers are treated on your forum.

I am budgeted $270 to brand our company. A substantial amount of that could have gone to your site, along with subsequent purchases. I found a buyer that in my opinion does exemplary work at competitive prices and I was prepared to buy. However, I was confused as to why I was required to put in my CC prior to ever giving the name of the logo I wanted or any distinguishing feature.

That was my only quibble. I looked on your podcasts and forum and academy and videos and every resource I could find. We would have been glad and patient to do business with a company that provides proper and clean CS to the many people that are rudimentary to all of this and express it in your forum. Nonetheless, the answer we got was laughable at best to be posted by a lauded user.

I just received an email (9:14 EST) that I have not completed my order. That order is not getting completed due to a user that goes by the moniker emmaki.

Please see attachment and accordingly respond.

I have been here for a month and I got one buyer for a custom order and he disappeared in the middle of the conversation… is it normal? can anyone here please tell me why my buyer request and videos keep getting denied and please visit my gig and tell me any suggestions I can do to make it better

To sum it up, it all depends on what you’re capable of doing well. If you have a talent and or skill that you’re proficient with, then start there. Once you’ve decided upon what services you wish to offer others, go to the drop down menu under your name and select Selling followed by My Gigs.

Once there, select create a new gig and fill in the necessary info and graphics. Once your gig is up and running, explore Buyers Request to find potential jobs to submit quotes; fair warning, not all posts there are from actual buyers.

Emmaki was just cutting to the chase and summed up the How To portion of getting started here. If there are still questions that need answers, explore forums along with the TOS which houses loads of info along with answers to commonly asked questions.

Well, as your account now is deleted, there must have happened something “quite” different as you are telling us…

And I provided a perfectly logical answer, while you… displayed some interesting personality traits? I’m not CS, so whatever, user who no longer has an account and is blaming me for some reason that exists in your head.

You didn’t complete your order and it’s my fault?


This letter makes little to no sense anyway.

Don’t spam buyer requests, it will get you banned. Possibly like my friend above.