New hidden review system?


It’s been a while since I made a purchase here on Fiverr and I had to make 2 purchases in the past 2 weeks.

I noticed two new tools that are directed only to buyers:

a) after I placed a review on a completed order, I noticed there was a secondary review asked of me.
the secondary review was not for the seller to see as I was assured, and it asked me what I really thought of the service provided by the seller, and the seller himself! what?!?

B) my second order went south when I found out that the VO talent claimed to be a native speaker when he wasn’t (I mean seriously???) and I had to ask for a refund. After the mutual cancellation was accepted by the seller and everything was restored, I was again prompted to leave a review and state why the refund took place.

I think I have mixed feelings about those tools.

on the one hand, a private review after the official one may help the system weed out sellers who get 5 star reviews by extorting, pleading, or offering free stuff.

on the other hand, I personally as a seller, never offer mutual cancellations to buyers, unless they place an order asking for things I don’t offer, or asking for free stuff.

so when I extend a mutual cancellation with a polite message attached, explaining I do not want to work on their project, buyers sometimes take it personally. they often feel offended I don’t want to make a custom video for them for $15.

I was at ease thinking that, you know, once the mutual cancellation went through, everything was cool. easy, peasey.

But now, if a buyer actually gets to leave a secret 1 star rant after the mutual cancellation, I wonder how is that taken into consideration by the system, and how does that secret review system affect our gigs and position in search results.

Does anyone know how these “secret” reviews are used?

Have any of you seen a percentage drop for Orders Completed?
New buyer feedback box. Pay attention to it

That’s really offensive.


@anjylina I’m sorry, what is it that you find offensive??


After mutual cancellation,what is the need of secret review or rating?


Now that’s what i call back stabbing.


@anjylina I suspect it’s there once again to weed out bad sellers. BUT Fiverr has proven over and over again that it has no mechanism in place to actually distinguish between buyers rants because they didn’t get what they wanted vs an actual bad seller, who provides a poor service.

@anthonyfive it sure feels like it. Why do they keep coming up with new ways to help buyers get vindictive AND they keep them hidden, unannounced ??


Yes that is what happening here.


That may be excessive at this point.

Is there anyone from Fiverr staff here to officially inform us about these new review systems?

and how they are contributing to our gigs and accounts ratings/statuses?

that would be really helpful. and refreshing for once. (someone officially informing us about a new feature)


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As a seller, I think the new reviews are fine. It gives Fiverr data to use for decisions we may not be privy to. Maybe even choosing TRS.


Yes I wonder too.
They get mad when you ask for a mutual cancellation even though you had to cancel due to their own misunderstandings or asking for things you don’t provide.


@misscrystal They are genuinely offended.

Last buyer I had this back n forth with, kept rejecting my mutual cancellation requests and kept getting more and more aggravated. He kept saying things like: “I know I’m only paying you $x” but if you do this I will come back each month with 10 projects like this, don’t you know how to build a business?"

Of course that’s the lamest of all arguments, like I will pay you peanuts, but if you agree, I will come back with more peanuts. :slight_smile:

Anyway my point is that buyer definitely talked *** about me the minute the secret review thingie popped up.

I can picture him know. Eyes glaring, cracking his fingers. going “muaha ha ha” then hitting that keyboard hard! :stuck_out_tongue:

Incidentally sales have dropped a bit after his cancellation went through. Not a lot, but just enough to feel different.

maybe I’m paranoid. or maybe not…


It’s a shame that fiverr is taking seriously those buyers we have to cancel due to their bad behavior.


I mean how are we supposed to get sh*t done Fiverr? C’mon!