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New Humble Seller with New Incredible Gig!


Hi, everyone! I’m a new seller creating drag queen video messages. I think I’ve done a good job setting up the gig, but is there a way to be moved up the greeting cards & videos section? Maybe be recommended or featured? New to the game, so any help is welcome! Thanks!


The only way to move up in the search listings or on category pages is to deliver high-quality services, on time, and earn positive reviews. There is no easy road to the top.


Humble Seller

Incredible gig.

Well done, you got me to click just because of the contradiction in the title.
Mission accomplished I imagine


First of all I wanted to say that you look gorgeous and I mean it.

You have better hair than I do cough cough cough OK, that’s a joke.
I think your video looks great and it is very entertaining, all the necessary information
is there, but I do think your written description is a bit short.
True, your video says it all, but having a biiit longer description won’t hurt.

As for getting featured etc, sorry I don’t think there really is a way.
Fiverr staffs chose them randomly I think, so you’ll be needing to pray to the
Fiverr gods or hope you will get sprinkled by the Fiverr fairy dust.

If you promote you gigs well and let people know about it though, you will get sales :slight_smile:


As you get sales you should gradually move up. After you hit level 1, you may want to post your question again or update this thread. Fiverr is also changing rapidly right now. :slight_smile: