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New idea about gig for best promotion

Hello everyone
I am new in Fiverr. I am trying to create a new gig on fiverr.
I need some information about a gig for Email marketing, especially in MailChimp.
I hope Forum member will suggest to me the best of their experience.
Thank you, everyone. :four_leaf_clover:


Create a best promotional image for your gig.
Describe your service offerings in your description with your OWN WORDS.
Provide strong portfolio of your work.
Must share your gigs all over the social media platforms.

You’ll learn many more things from experience sellers in this forum but I hope my bit also helps you a bit. :slight_smile:

Happy Fiverring! All the best!


See others gig and take some idea. Please don’t coy. When you will see 10 gigs then you will get more idea and key words. I hope you understand.
Best of luck …
Thank you
Read and Share here your topic or experience or problem…


Thank you for your advice.
It will really help me to promote my gig.

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