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New idea for sellers. Seller request modification!


I just got this ideas while working with a customer right now!

Sellers, isn’t is frustrating when a customer buys a gig from you, but they failed to understand your gig extras, or simply didn’t even read the instructions on your gig and now you need to either get them to place a second order for the balance owed or request to cancel just to get their attention?

Well how about an option for the SELLER to request modification from the buyer?

When an order comes in, if the seller has an issue with how the order was placed (E.G. The buyer didn’t order the right gig extra, didn’t pay enough, give enough instructions to begin) The seller can stop the clock so they aren’t penalized while waiting for the customer to respond.

Chime in with other suggestions or critiques of this idea. I think this would help a lot.




I have a buyer now who decided he wanted to make a change to his order halfway through.

It would be nice to be able to modify the order from my side to add extra time given the change.


Yes that would be a great feature because it’s crazy how people barely read the instructions, especially when the part is highlighted and in bold characters !


That would definitely be helpful. I have had a similar problem a few days ago.




It’s a clever notion.