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New idea for the new sellers

Hi there Sellers and Buyers.

So I’m a new seller (graphic designer) and I just created my fiver account a couple of days ago, and I was looking for some advices to get more orders or simply to get my first order.

Also, I was wondering if there are some sellers who want to create a group of work, here is my idea we get an experimented seller and we work for him just to get started and make more orders, the idea is to help the experimented seller who has a lot of orders and also help the newbies who struggle to get orders by get them into work and show their work and show what they can do if there is someone who is interested feel free to contact me and we can create a group, and of course, if there is an experimented seller who liked the idea feel free to contact me also.

I’m looking forward to your response and good luck all in your freelance journey.

Feel free to get a look at my profile I already posted my first gig: