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New in affiliation

hi fiverr.
I just discovered your affiliate platform and I am really amazed, especially by your commission plan. Indeed, I am a teacher in a school in Paris and I would like to know if we can make the affiliation with you without having a website, a page or a blog? I have students that I can really talk to and they will sign up for not only quickly advancing in their project, but secondly, being freelancers on your platform.
Is it also possible to organize seminars and conferences in order to bring as many people as possible to your platforms?


It’s pretty unethical, or at least inappropriate, to promote an affiliate link to your students.

If a professor or teacher did that to me I’d report them.

Fiverr doesn’t respond to your questions here, by the way.

This program is commissions for first-time sales made to Fiverr, not getting people to sign up as sellers…


It is explained here:

There is a contact us icon at the top of the article if you have any questions.

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Just tell them a link to fiverr without trying to profit from it.

Your poor pupils would need to make a purchase for you to get a commission as I understand it so please do not force them to do that.

Without a website you can’t be an affiliate. There is a code that the site places on your affiliate links so fiverr knows it came from you.

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