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New in Fiverr and did't get rating and order

Hello everyone I am new in fiverr although I have make three gigs but still did not get ratings and orders anyone guide me how to get it.

Best Regards


Hello, harder,

Welcome to Fiverr. I noticed you just created your profile and gigs this month. Having patience is the key to gaining orders and reviews. Many sellers wait month or more to sell a gig. It took me 45 days to get my first order. While you wait you can create more gigs or hang out on the Forum. This is the place I learned much about Fiverr and being successful here.

Thanks Dear for kind response and guidline

Thanks for suggestions

As @vickiespencer said it took her 45 days to get first order however if you use buyer request effectively and try to social share your gig you will soon get your first order. But key remains you need to have patience and work hard.

Thanks dear Indeed it take time to raise orders.

Please tell me about ratings how to get it.?

Once you get your order and buyer accepts the order he will rate you as per your work. So Rating is linked to order completed.

Ok Dear thanks for such information

Not an issue! We are here to help each other.

In many cultures it is considered inappropriate to call people who are not a loved one, ”dear, ” it is best to call people here by their name. That is the way you should address your buyers also. :wink:

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Off course, even this is clear that when you call someone with their name that will attract more then as formal.

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No doubt sir,
we are here to help each other