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New in Fiverr and fiverr forum!

Hello seniors,

I m new here at fiverr , i m wordpress expert and web developer since 2015

Wish me luck so that i can get my first order :


You don’t need luck, you need hard work.

Have you taken the time to study your target customers, understand their needs, and craft your gig to provide a solution to those needs? Are you connected to your target customers? Do they know where to find you? Have you set business goals, and are you taking steps to achieve those goals?


Right. :heart_eyes: Thanks for the valuable message for all who believe in luck.


Thanks for your comment, i already did that and still doing this !

hope for the best bro

Create your Gig as per customer demand and keep visiting your space…try to prompt reply to all the inquiries…

Hey! I’m israfil. I’m Also Wordpress Expert.