NEw in fiverr and want to mke new friends


welcome to fiverr…


New here too. Joined some two weeks ago. Wanna make new friends and team up with forward-moving people. Hit me up if you would love to go on the friendship trail with me.


WELCOME TO make%20whiteboard%20animation%20in%20a%20unique%20style


Welcome to Fiverr Community.
Keep patience and try to hard work regular.
I hope you will be successful here.
Best of luck


Hahaha community of new peoples here :stuck_out_tongue:


I m a new user too. If you allow we can be good friends.


Welcome bro . In this working world … :slight_smile:


Welcome to fiverr. It is better for you to make buyers relationships than friends.

Wish you success.

Please read this post to know how to get multiple orders on fiverr. I loved it.