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New in fiverr. but no order till

Hi my name is waqar.i am a graphics designer. i working with local market since 2014. but i am new in fiverr. approximately 2 months i never get any order. i am little bit worry .any suggestion?

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Hi there.

No one can buy something from you when you have no gigs on display.

I assume you deleted them?

no i have 7 gigs and active also

well what’s your username then? because the user decora is supposed to be from the United States, a member since 2015 and there are no gigs in their profile.


funny but i am from pakistan and i am seller

Well can you link to your gigs? Did you used to have a different account?

is this your profile?

no no
its my account

ok glad we sorted it out, it’s a bug plaguing the forum with certain types of usernames.

so why do you think you are not getting any orders?

there’s no more gatekeeping in regards to software. Knowing how to remove backgrounds or apply filters on photoshop is no longer a skill that only a few have.

here’s your main competitor:

I don’t see any appealing samples on the rest of the design gigs, just busy thumbnails with poor color choices.

the ebook picture is just a flat cover, as if that would make it appealing to someone who wrote a book. People want to see the end product, not have to imagine it.

I could go on and on.

You could try to find the one thing you are good at and start there. Offering off the shelf design/editing services will not get you sales nowadays. You need to excel at something.

it is what it is.

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ok ok thanku .
but i need a order anyway: :see_no_evil:

wow, I heard that wooosh sound all the way across the globe.

well, best of luck on all your endeavors.

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bro you are funny :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

You are right about this issue

Keep patience bro. I know some people who got there first order after 4 years.

thanku broo:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

ohh really???
noo i get order in these two days

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thats great. wish you further success

soon you will get orders… stay online always