New in Fiverr. How can I start 1st order?




There are 2 things wrong with this post.

  1. It is in the wrong category
  2. I think it is against the TOS to offer academic writing.


You offer proofreading, so it might be a good idea to correct all the errors in your gig and profile descriptions.


What’s an error? Writing academic work?


For the record, I can find nothing in TOS about academic papers, school work, cheating, etc. I know a guy who writes academic papers for a living - a very good one - writing academic papers for symposiums. I don’t see what it would be disallowed.


There is nothing that talks about it in TOS. However if you search the forums, you will find people complaining about fiverr taking down their gigs and some information about the ban of academic writing as far back as 2016.