New In Fiverr. Looking for your advice


Hi everyone! I am new in Fiverr. I am sure that many of you went through the same while waiting for your first order. :slight_smile: I would appreciate if you could check my profile/Gig and would share your advise/suggestions how I could improve it. And all other advise for a beginner is welcome! Thank you in advance.


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As a new seller think you need to consider reducing your prices until you move up the levels. Check out other sellers in your category re pricing. Suggest you remove the last sentence from your profile description as it does not come across as very professional. Also remove the reference to gigs in your profile description as you only have one gig. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks! I will follow you and will use some advice/actions. All the best to you.


I will take your comments into account and will correct my profile/Gig. I am going to create second Gig so it is reason why I mentioned it in Profile. Thank you! :slight_smile:


Welcome… Here are my few advice and tips for you :slight_smile:

1- First of all you have to be patient for first order.
-2 Keep in touch with Buyer Request section.(Utilize all 10 requests daily) You will definitely get your first order
from there in less than a week :wink:
3 - Be a part of forum.

Best of Luck :sunglasses:


Visit Tips for sellers section.


Hi. Thank you for advice! First one is the hardest :).


Seems I will spend there few upcoming weeks :slight_smile: