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New in fiverr. Please help me by tips. Not showing buyers request

I am new in fiverr, created gig and not getting works. Not showing buyers request in fiverr. Please help me with tips


be patient brother all the beginners struggle for order, but it will reach you soon…


Thank you for your encouragement.


Pretend you are a buyer and search for what you offer. look for sellers with a lot of reviews and orders. Compare their layout, GIG description, drawings, thumbnails, to yours. Be creative and constructive when making changes, Do not copy-paste. Be original. Be detailed and realistic in what you offer and what you can deliver.
Do not overprice your GIGs at the beginning until you get momentum and actual buyers.
Prepare additional documentation users can fill in (like specific requirements, something that will help you do the work faster and more effectively).
You only have one GIG and that GIG does not have buyers’ request today. You can only see request for the GIGs field/subject you are offering.
Your image on GIG is not presentable and the color is not professional for the type of your GIG.
Your description of GIG needs more text, more explanation.
You have many online free services like Grammarly you can use to type in your text and proofread it before publishing.
And many more tips but let’s start with this.


@marinapomorac absolutely spot on!

There is no fixed time for buyer requests. You can actually send 10 offers to your buyers per day. It depends on your skill set.In the forum you will find thousands of posts regarding buyer request. Search and try to follow them.
Best wishes.:slight_smile:


I would really like to know why was my post flagged? He asked for feedback and i took my time to check and evaluate his GIGs and took time to write detailed feedback. What was wrong with my post if someone can explain, preferably whomever flagged it, if it is not the system, because I will demand Fiver to respond to this. I really do not see what was wrong in my post.
What exactly was promoting or not helping in my post?

I had also such experience. When i posted my two posts had been flgged. People are here to know information. Why they are discouraging us.