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New in fiverr so need some help to improve myself

Hello everyone,
I am a google certified digital marketer. unfortunately, I am creating my Fiverr account in 2017 but I didn’t work here. But recently, I think I need to work with Fiverr. for that, I am creating a few gigs but bad luck like forever! I just got one order a few days ago but right now I didn’t get many impressions or any order in Fiverr. I am trying to contact through buyer request but I am failed! I didn’t get many buyer messages. so, is there any helpful or pro-level seller in Fiverr so he can check my gigs & suggest me to improve my gigs or anything else? I mean he can guide me on how I can better respond in Fiverr.
here is my gig so please check & advise me some so that I can improve myself in Fiverr.-


These are my suggestions/comments:

Gig: I will create a facebook messenger chatbot in manychat, chatfuel
In the gig description:
Maybe reword “I will help you chose platform”

In the FAQ section:
“What is ChatBot?” could be “What is a ChatBot?” In question 1.

Gig: I will setup and manage your facebook ads, instagram ads campaign
In the FAQ section:
“What All Do You Need From Me To Start?” could be “What do you need from me to start?” In question 1.
“before I jump into Facebook ds for my dropshippjng business?” could be “before I jump into Facebook ads for my dropshipping business?” In question 9.

It says “…I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars perfecting as you can see from my track record. My agency is one of the highest-ranking agencies on this platform.”

It’s not clear why you wrote the highlighted bit above if you are new to Fiverr and don’t have any reviews currently - how can they see your track record without reviews or anything else which shows it?

thanks for analysis my id & give me the feedback where i need to improve. thanks a lot for this

I wouldn’t offer a specific number of followers (even if you say it’s organic) as you can’t control that. Also the rules say:

Do not post, offer or ask for:

Followers, subscribers, fans or views on social media platforms.


In the “I will setup and manage your facebook ads, instagram ads campaign” gig it still says things I mentioned above.

In " I will provide all SMM service follower, like, comments organically" maybe “I am specialist in social media marketing” could be “I am a specialist in social media marketing”.

The gig image in " I will create a facebook messenger chatbot in manychat, chatfuel" looks a bit compressed.

Other than that it’s okay really. Sometimes grammar could be better. Just send offers to buyer requests if you’re not getting orders normally.