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New in Fiverr? Tips for getting buyers

When i registered to join Fiverr, it wasn’t easy for me. i created Gigs but i never had an impression, a view or even a click not until i got the trick… as a new member, you can link your account to either your facebook account, Google, Twitter etc… this will help to advertise your Gigs in these social media’s. also you can use your buyer request…buyer request allows you to view buyers who require the services you specified during the creation of your Gigs. you have max of 10 offers for each day which you can utilize by clicking on the offer button when see a buyer request proposal that you can handle… lastly and most importantly, you have to be online constantly in order for your buyer to get in touch with you easily. try this and testify

A tip are information or highlights on how to solve a problem

Seems it didn’t solve your problem. Another blind who is trying leading the blind. Actually you are hoping to get some buyers from her, but here are only sellers. Savvy?

Seer please can you lead the blind?

Yes, change your fake location and go to the Fiverr Academy.

Please, how come you don’t have any review? Are you sure you have workable tips?