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New in fiverr

I am getting happy and very excited as fiverr has given me hope to earn money more and more but I don’t know how much my happiness will long last. If you want me to be positive then give suggestion about my profile. I mean what changes is required and what further step I need to follow.

I think you have great gigs. They’re highly useful and definitely very much sought after. I think that it’s not your profile that’s the problem. It might be a good idea to have a promotional video after all, Fiverr does say they yield 220% more people to buy your gig. I’m in the same position as you are and I get that it’s frustrating. Keep your chin up, you’ll get there. After all, all those featured and top-rated were in your position before they got up there. Keep advertising and promoting through social media, friends, and maybe start up companies. Your skill is very much sought after in the business world so if Fiverr doesn’t make it for you, there will always be other opportunities. I hope this makes you feel better!