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New in the freelancing field


Hello folks,

I’m new in the Freelancing field in here. I joined Fiverr on March 2017, and started working few weeks ago. I’m a high school student who’s obsessed with web design. I’m serious about working tho and using my skills for something useful. :stuck_out_tongue:
I wonder, how do you guys start off on freelancing websites? As a beginner (not in my field, but in a freelancing website) What do you guys do to get your first client?
Thank you for your precious time. If you guys need any help through UI design, I will be out there trying to hunt my first client :smiley:
Have a nice day!


To be honest, to start here on Fiverr, just create one or more gigs for services that you can do well, and see how the market reacts. It’s usually as simple as that.

Once you have some input on how your market responds, then you’ll have data that you can use to fine-tune your gigs and make the better and even more attractive.

Don’t be afraid to market and promote your gigs elsewhere as well. Every business has to pursue marketing if they want to build a customer base. :wink:


You can create gigs that customers are interested in… However do not do gigs at random :slight_smile:


Thank you sir, I did create two gigs. But only views poppin’ up. I just got my first client through Buyer request. :smiley:


Congrats on your first client, man! And so young, too! (like me lol) :tada::tada::tada:

Here’s some success stories of other sellers your age:

I hope you find these inspring and find the same level of success! :smile:


Wow! So glad to find someone with the same age in here :smile: Thank you for sharing with me those threads. I will check them out.