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New Inbox seems confused

in new inbox have this problem, sometimes get confused.
Under Start New Line ( instruction is wrong, but it work)
Under Send Message Same problem ( instruction is wrong, but it work)

I think it’s there for you to choose what ‘enter’ does - I hated it until I set it to ‘start anew line’ as you have. Had to keep apologising to my buyer for multiple messages, just like happens on FB.

Set it to whichever way you want, like ‘start a new line’ and then click on the green ‘send’ text when you’ve finished typing. :slightly_smiling_face:


Does everyone have their message they send jump up above the older messages when they send them? So that on the bottom is the older message you sent, then the message you just sent, then even older messages you sent above those, without even being able to see any but the most recent message of the sender on top of it all?