New Inbox - So where do you edit quick response?


New Inbox - So where do you edit quick response?


Click on the small thunderbolt icon, then hover your mouse over the little pen icon for the one you want to edit, and click on it. I haven’t tried it and will let you do it first before I try it.


Still rockin’ the old one. Can’t wait to try the new digs tho.


Yep that’s it. Glad they made it so obvious. Anyone wishing the reply box at the bottom had a little more real estate?


I can only see two lines of chat, so yes.

And I can’t see my own lines of chat at all usually. They disappear as soon as I send them.

So it looks like the person I’m messaging is talking to themself.


Mine has not changed yet, but I wonder, why would not seeing all the conversation be an improvement? Is there still a way to see all of them so I can refer back to the customer’s needs? Has this hampered your productivity? Thank you :slight_smile:


Hi blondey, We can still scroll back to see most of it, although the conversation before a day or two earlier is gone.


Oh dear! So all they wrote and all my reply is gone? I really depend on the past conversations…


@blondey Let me try to clarify what I meant. I looked at one long running conversation and saw that when I scrolled back to see more of it, it only went back about 24 hours. So I’m not sure about all of them. They might all be there, but not complete. Or it may just be the one I looked at.

I hope they stay there, all of them in complete form from the start, since as you say, we need to go back and see the entire conversation sometimes. I haven’t explored it enough yet to know.


The new inbox is buggy as hell in my opinion.
I have started using grammerly to help get the messages correct and on some of the messages it is just ignoring the changes I make even when I look in the text box of the form. It ends up sending the wrong message.

This along with the box being really small, not appearing without a refresh and not being a resizable element on the page make this one hell of poor improvement if you ask me. Whoever their web designer is doesn’t know their JavaScript as far as I am concerned and whoever tested it isn’t doing a good too



How do we use a tag on a conversation? I can’t find any way to add one to a message.


The more I use it the more bugs appear for me and attention to the small details that make things easier have disappeared. Hopefully v2 comes with some enhancements.


I have 3 lines of chat, and I’m using a 21".


Definitely not the most user friendly
But then again, the text would be smaller to accommodate more. (Maybe we should be given that choice of text size)


Thank you for letting me know. This lets me know not to try a bigger monitor.


This still hasn’t rolled out in my profile :frowning: hahaha does the new feature make things any better?


Well to be more specific, it really depends on how large the conversation is.

On a simple 1 sentence answer I can get 6 responses, not 3.


True but none of my conversations are just one line.

When I post a message, it jumps up to the top of the conversation where I can’t tell if it even posted, so I write it again and send it since I have no way to tell if it went through.

When I look at the times of each line of conversation they are jumbled up and not in any order. They jump all over the place.