New inexperienced clients problems a lot


Yesterday I got a client he/she ordered a wordpress landing page but did not give me his/her wp admin access. When I asked to give me user password he/she cancelled the order and told me he/she had no permission to access admin panel. How it possible. Now my order completion rate is going down. Now what can I do ?


Is it possible to make them a landing page on your own server for them to copy the code from? Also in your gig description do you tell them you need access to their server?

In the requirements of your order page you could tell them to put their wp admin access password.

It seems it would be possible for you to make their page without actually installing it on their server. You could have that as an extra.


I can make it my own server but when I export my site to his site then I need his wp dashboard access. I also described it in FAQ and requirements section.


You can refuse to cancel, build the landing page and give the export file.
They can import it themselves and if they don’t like it then they can talk to CS because this is not your problem.


Thanks, I don’t know that.