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New Interface? Sales Drop?

Hey! Recently Fiverr Changed the Dashboard Interface of the website and it really looks odd and old. The new interface is not so cool. The notification bar shouldn’t be like this and doesn’t opens. Buyers/Sellers cannot frequently check the notification and most importantly this is not a user friendly interface.

We love Fiverr and they are doing great updates and we hope that they will fix this issues as soon as possible. Also, I found some other peoples in a Facebook-Group that they are saying their sales are dropped and even I had noticed too.

We’re looking for more updates and fixes. :slight_smile:

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I highly doubt that your sales are dropping because of a change to the user-side dashboard. Let’s not start blaming random things for a natural drop in sales.


But in my view, it doesn’t look so user-friendly. If your internet is not so fast…You won’t be able to open the notification it will redirect you to the Massage Page. Dropdown pages are not a good choice for this kind of serious platform.

That’s a reasonable opinion. Just make sure you’re not trying to turn your opinion into fact.

Fiverr has no doubt thoroughly tested this new navigation design, and they see it as an improvement. You don’t have to like it, but they do. It is their site after all. :wink:

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User interface is not a big deal, you will eventually get used to it. Unlike you, many people liked the new minimalistic UI. And about​ the sales, mine dropped too in last week. But I don’t think it has anything to do with User Interface :slight_smile:

I second you. This interface is minimalistic and user friendly to me.

There is a serious issue with the notifications “light” on the desktop UI, however. When we reply now there’s a tiny little light that at age 47, I can barely see. If someone is visually impaired, if someone doesn’t see it out of the corner of their eye, then it represents a serious issue in receiving notifications that someone has attempted to communicate with you.

To go from a much more prominent indication to something so much more subtle, with no warning or transition, does represent a material issue. I’m not sure why they didn’t keep the larger indicator that we had before with the same interface.

As for changing from symbols to words: that makes sense to me. Words can be translated between languages and hence be multi-cultural. Symbols are often not multicultural. Not everyone understands what a bullhorn is. One assumes everyone on Fiverr can read their own language.