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New kid

hi there am new to fiverr and am getting serious chills relating to getting jobs.Am like when will i get my first order.Am so distress.SIGHS… L-)

Welcome to fiverr. Getting that first order really isn’t as hard as it may seem. :wink:

I noticed two of your gigs have the same image. That’s not allowed as far as I know. Try to make your gig images unique, and make use of all the three image slots available to show samples of your work/what you can do. Helps a LOT.

Best of luck!

Welcome roylene!

It took a month before I got my first order. Hope you don’t have to wait that long!


Welcome to Fiverr!!! I took a look at your profile, and I think you would have more success if you changed the names of your gigs. None of your gigs stand out so I would add a little flair to them. I hope that helps <3 Good luck!!!

thanks alot …i appreciate all you comments…