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New Landing Page?

Okay. This is weird. I have a laptop in my bedroom and a laptop in my living room…and each one has a completely different landing page.

For example, the old landing page with 4 gigs across the top is on one laptop, and the other has THREE gigs with a brand new sidebar menu with new search options (Level 1 seller, TRS, sellers with portfolios, etc). I am using the same Google chrome browser and have cleared both caches of both laptops. And still, I have TWO different menus on two laptops that are only feet apart and on the same wireless connection.

Anyone see a new sidebar menu? Or is my living room laptop POSSESSED? :slight_smile:

Reply to @voiceoverwork: Thanks for the response. Maybe they are testing a new program on only a few people.

Thanks @kjblynx. When I go incognito (not signed in), I do not see the sidebar. Why all these changes all at the same time?

I see it! Kind of cool, my gig actually shows up now in the high rated. I had to clear cookies and download firefox to see it.

I have not yet seen the new landing page.

Reply to @accessgirl: Congratulations! Yes…that’s the menu. I wonder what else is coming.