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New - Large Order

So, I am new and not reached level 1. I have someone who is considering hiring me for a $2,000 job. What is the best way to handle this? The job will take a good 2-3 weeks to complete and 400 gigs.

First off, congrats on level 1, If it was my customer with such a huge order I would ask the customer if the work could be divided into small work loads. The reason is lets say this customer wants to take advantage of you and you work really hard for that long then deliver it and now he decides to scam you by cancelling the order and now you have worked hours for nothing. I would split the work up in small amounts.

Yes, I suggested 8 orders of 50 gigs, but then saw that I can only do 20 gigs at a time per order. I mentioned that I would divide the work into as many gigs and submit as completed. The Buyer can order more gigs for rest of work.

I suppose I am concerned about turn around time. I have a 2 day turn around time for voice over work, but recording 10,000 words in 2 days would be quite difficult. I would suppose, the time between each order and delivery will be longer… Will this look bad on my account?

Just tell him to order specific amount of gigs per day, if you are worrying about delivery time.

Another congrats on reaching a new level! I also would strongly suggest starting in “batches” of gigs for several reasons.

Delivery time is definitely a concern. When you have a heads-up about large order, it doesn’t hurt to talk to the buyer about it and you may even want to let them know you are going to edit the delivery time prior to their first batch purchase. That would give you more time on the clock, the buyer a realistic time frame for the first set, and protect you since other people might order too!

When I have a brand new buyer, I also tell buyers that I prefer orders in smaller pieces. That way, they get a sample of my work and they can make sure they are getting what they hoped to buy. I get to “sample” their business style and see if we are a good match for working together.

Finally, while it is (hopefully) rare, a buyer with a huge order like that could potentially either get tired of waiting or cancel for other reasons. I hate to think buyers would do so to get “free” things but I can’t say it is unheard of. If they are happy with your starter batch and you are happy with the transaction, you protect yourself and the buyer from a larger miscommunication or other problem.

Good luck!