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New Layout Navigation Issues at 1024x768


I realize I’m probably one of the few people left that isn’t using a widescreen monitor (1024x768), but is any body else having problems with the new layout?

In particular, the top navigation bar looks like there is no styling applied, and the inbox/notification is off center enough I’m losing nearly half of the box.

Side Note: It looks good on my phone, so the responsive template is not a bad idea, just doesn’t play well with old computer screens

Is Fiverr messed up?
Why is Fiverr the Glitchiest website ever?
Why does the website S***?

Sceen shot of menu pt 2


That’s not a layout issue - I’ve had this so many times before, too, and it was usually because of my Internet Provider having technical difficulties. As soon as I changed my DNS addresses to Google’s free DNS addresses, bam, no more layout drama!

It can also be a problem with your browser cache, too, so you might try clearing your cache :wink:


thanks for the quick answer, much appreciated. Its been a couple months since I’ve cleared out my browser manually so it probably wouldn’t hurt lol


the styles.css file is not being loaded


I am having the same problem. This cannot be a user issue.


@gregop2 read the quoted text please.


hi, USE google chrome, although most user use firefox but its really unhealthy, fat and week patient… you can check ------- once you open more then 7 or 10 tab in firefox, its hang… but google chrome, open more then 100 tabs, its continue run… this browser unknown to most people… I am just a regular user of chrome. thank u


@smks15 I have Firefox (latest version) and I have 120 tabs open right now… Windows 10. a 3 hour movie rendering right now. :grin:


Good Lord. I’m experiencing the same thing. What a mess. CSS non-load or not, the Fiverr site is a complete mess for me. Is this still occurring for others?


Yes, yes it is. I have to refresh the page every time there’s an update. It’s quite a pain actually.


To be completely honest, I can’t even use the site. The whole thing – every page – is just… wow. What. A. Mess.


On the bright side, all of it will get fixed or scraped soon considering all the stuff Fiverr’s been changing.


What do you mean by “foxed or scraped”?


Sorry, it’s 8am and no sleep, meant fixed.


Yes, super messed up, firefox -no explorer-no, chrome-no, does not work in any browser. I cannot believe how much money they are missing out on cuz this is an epic blunder.


firefox updating daily / per week must. but chrome still p to 6 months, so any app do update without bug !!! :wink:


I know this sounds harsh but at least it isn’t only me. Spent the last couple hours trying to tweak settings and get everything right on my end for no reason apparently lol


Have you tried changing your DNS to Google’s free DNS addresses like I used to do when I used to have this problem? Trust me, a temporary DNS change can do miracles, for I experienced similar problems with other sites as well.

Because right now I don’t have this problem, and Fiverr displays properly, so that means it’s not a world-wide thing.


I think there are two major reasons:

  1. Slow or interpreted Internet Speed
  2. Old Version of Browser
    If these 2 are ok then Must try Woofy31’s Suggestions