New less descriptive header?


Anybody else get this today?

The new header no longer gives you any head-up information (ie numbers) as to what you have to do.

I, as I’m sure many of you do, have my homepage set to and use that header almost constantly to monitor for changes. I’m having a hard time seeing the rationale on giving us LESS information than we had before.

I’m really kind of disappointed at this change.


I don’t like this new header… Very bad idea.

I got used to that I can see how many “to do” I have - important information.

Please, add/ give back the numbers… Is that a big problem? ; /


Fiverr needs to make up their minds already!!


The new header is functionally useless to me and I’m sure plenty of other sellers and even buyers. With the numbers, we can know at a glance we’ve gotten new orders or new messages. Now I have to click to open my to-do list and click to open my notifications to see what’s up. Very unhelpful.