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New level of scam

I’ve got a very interesting client who is very good at making threats and I think has found a way to get free work done on fiverr.
Below is a screenshot of his response when I again and again rejected his demand of a service which was out of the scope of order. I wonder what CS has to say about this :thinking:

As we all know fiverr cannot do much in case of Paypal chargeback besides banning the buyer’s account but they do that only when the charge-back has been done.
I already got the robotic response from CS so waiting for someone to actually read the order conversations.

Let’s see what fiverr thinks about this.

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You have incredible reviews and are offering auto CAD services at a price equivocal to the value of a hamster sneeze. Can you elaborate more fully on how the problem you have at the moment has arisen?


You should ask for a mutual cancellation with this person. It’s not worth putting up with threats. Just cancel the order and get rid of him.

Did you tell them in the ticket that they were asking for something outside of the scope of what you provide? Their response reads as if they didn’t get that part.

buyers do a charge back even months after the job is finished and they have accepted the delivery. a buyer of mine charged back 2 months after the order was completed

the fiverr support do take action against the chargeback but it takes long
support got funds back from one of my buyer who charged back 1250$ order
the gave back those funds to me

but there should be some serious action taken against such buyers and this thing that buyers do
this doesn’t only hurt us sellers but also, fiverr as if we don’t get anything they too won’t get the commission they change on each order.

this thing should not happen on the platform
there should be some filter when and under which conditions the buyer can charge back on the order

Oh my god, I’m surprised that there isn’t a filter on this! They shouldn’t be able to automatically take money from you after 2 months and those that are caught doing this should at least be banned from buying on the site using the best info possible. Dunno how buying works but something beyond username should be used.

Does the charge back instantly go through? What if you don’t have those funds in your account? o.O I think Fiverr has been around for years. I’m surprised this hasn’t been changed.

the chargeback gets debited from your account instantly.
if you don’t have funds in your fiverr account your account will show a negitive balance and this amount will be reduced from the funds that clear next till the complete chargeback transaction amount is completed

So your actual bank account isn’t touched?

no. just the fiverr account funds

Oh, thank goodness… I mean that’s at least better than what I was imagining. At least they can’t steal from my bank account. Still stops you from earning depending on the amount until Fiverr sorts it out.

support do take care of such issues if the work is delivered genuinely to the buyer
but it takes long and such parctise should stop on such a big platform like fiverr

$1250?? That’s … -_-

fortunately support got back those funds for me.
thanks to them and their hard work taking care of their sellers

Yes, indeed. My prices are low but some people can’t even pay that and its is most troublesome when dealing with someone who has no knowledge of architecture design. However, I have worked out a method to work on hourly basis when working with professionals so the prices I have does not look so bad. Every month I have to explain my prices just explained a few days back.

To elaborate on more on the situation, I think I should have guessed this when the buyer said he has a budget of 30$ and my quote was 50$. I explained my prices are non-negotiable and it would be best for him to hire someone else but then he comes back after a week and say he would like to proceed. I did not expected him to come back with this trick to get things done for free.

When buyers who come to get work related to real estate on fiverr say they have a small budget, I find it very illogical and stupid. The actual construction would cost thousands of dollars so are they just going to save all the money on blueprint?

That’s what CS has advised me to do and I’m going with it but I wonder what’s stopping this person from doing the same to other seller.

I would have accepted a negative review from the buyer so that I could also write a detailed negative review for him and warn sellers who do a background check on their buyers before working with them. But fiverr cannot do anything after charge-back and even before charge-back except refunding the money.

If I accept the negative review, he will do chargeback and get his money back and from what I know I will be stuck with the negative review which fiverr won’t remove. At least by this way I won’t get the negative review.

Thanks for the advise.

Since the buyer is threatening you, have you tried reporting him to Trust & Safety (Reporting Bad User Behavior)? They can’t help you get the money you earned, but they will check this buyer out, and if there are other reports against him, they might take action. Just keep that report focused on threats, not on order problems.

Or, since you already have an open ticket and it might get you in trouble if you open another about the same problem, perhaps you can ask Marcus to forward the threats (and Terms of Service violation) to Trust & Safety?

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