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New level requirements and ignorant buyers


Now that you basically have to receive nothing but stellar reviews, wouldn’t it be time to eliminate fake reviews completely?

I’m talking about buyers that order your gig, but don’t bother to read what they order.

Like if you sell articles, and your description says you’ll write one article. Buyer then reviews the order and says “I only received 1 article :rage::-1:” and perhaps even gives 1 star for “Service as described”, even if you provided exactly what you described.

Now it is a rare occurrence, but happens. And new sellers are affected by the most, and might just not be able to level up due to it.

Thoughts? :thinking:


YEAH. But Fiverr is now Very Large online Freelance Marketplace.
So They need Talented Freelancers ! :wink:
They Change Levels System Perfectly.


When I get those, I send them to Customer Support and ask for removal. I also tell the client what an asshat they are. Works almost every time…many “clients” here are also sellers under different accounts that try to undermine their competition with bad reviews. CS won’t do anything about it, I’ve told them about it numerous times.


I have experienced something similar to the bolded.