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New level requirements chasing away hard working sellers


I’m not gonna comment what I think of this unbelievably wrong, bad, new levelling system.

I’m just gonna say this - After 5 years on Fiverr, 4 years as a Level 2 Seller, I’ve dropped to no level within days.

Few suspicious Buyers (that got suspended in a meantime) have caused a lot of bad affect on my profile even though I’ve done nothing wrong. It took a lot of sweat and time to prove that. My account was even locked by a mistake. ‘‘Good’’ reason to punish me with Level 1.

After that, one (suspicious) Buyer places an order. Fiverr cancels it for some reason although that Buyer is not suspended and order was proven as not against any TOS. That cancellation causes my ‘‘completion rate’’ to drop and - voila! Goodbye Level 1.

I hope I won’t be punished for this post as well.

Good luck to all!


That is very sad.
I really wish you good luck next time.


Don’t worry; you will bounce back. I have been demoted to no level due to certain things too that aren’t my faulty—buyers mistakenly placed orders, etc…but I have attained level 1 & 2 starting from December to January. Got nominated for TRS this month (although not picked). So, just brace up and endure…so far the cash keeps coming in; put your mind off it.



I’m so sorry to hear that and I hope you will do well again, best of luck :star_struck:


Thank you, Wordpressdony :)!


Thank you, Ammarsrf! :slight_smile: