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New! Limit the number of orders in your queue!

This is a new addition to our tools on fiverr. Now we can set a limit on the number of orders in our queues and our gigs will automatically be paused when our orders reach that number.

This will be a huge help for me so I don’t get behind in my work. Thank you fiverr!

Eh? Where is this tool? I must find it…

Actually I’m not sure but I saw a message pop up about it when I was looking at my inbox this morning. I’ve looked around for how to activate this but can’t find it. It might be something that hasn’t been rolled out yet.

Also in inbox settings, you can go offline for one hour, a day, week, or forever, so people can’t see when you are online.

Hm, but doesn’t gig pausing affect your gig ranking? Mind you, if you’re being swamped in orders I can’t see it mattering much, so it’s certainly a useful feature!

I’ve seen sellers go on short vacations who have the very best gig rankings, and come back and reactivate their gigs and get the same top spot in rankings, so I’m not sure how that works.

It seems odd that gig pausing should affect your ranking - surely it is done by the conscientious seller who does not want to let people down.

As you say it shouldn’t affect rankings. You can look at it different ways. Another way to view it is that, if someone has to pause their gigs due to too many orders, why keep them in top spots if they have so much work?

I’ve started taking a day of vacation once a week. I considered changing my delivery time once a week, but I find that the law of scarcity works in my favor. Taking a day off with vacation mode once a week hasn’t hurt me a bit, and judging by my sales, it’s actually helped me. My Fiverr ranking hasn’t suffered a bit, either.

Yes, I suppose that’s true too.

good one! what would be nice is to set prices based on how many orders are in queue; but it might be complicated since everything must start at $5. maybe the expected delivery time could be automatically adjusted based on how big is the queue. for instance: delivery time = regular delivery + number of orders in queue / 2 or something like that.


Great idea but some issues still… sometimes I get more on some gig then others… on some days so I won’t be using it as much as I thought I would

I’ve been extending delivery times if there is a backlog of orders which works well for me.

The message that I got said that it was being tested out on TRS first.

I haven’t explored this feature very much, but I think it has a lot of potential and proves that Fiverr has been listening to all the whining and griping we (okay…maybe just me) has done about wanting a feature like this.

If I had one complaint, it would be this: I wish that it allowed us to cap the number of individual gig multiples, not just the number of orders. I can’t really find a way to say that any clearer, but maybe you catch my drift. Right now, it seems that if I set my limit to twenty, I could still get twenty orders, each for twenty articles. It’s unlikely, but there is the very real possibility of still being overwhelmed, even if only two buyers place orders that large (as I had two do last week). If, on the other hand, I could cap my queue when, between all of my buyers, the equivalent of fifty $5 gigs have been ordered (or whatever) that would be amazing.

Here’s the problem…as @emasonwrites says, the new option does not distinguish between 1 $5 Gig and a $50 Gig multiple…I may have only 12 or 14 orders in my queue, but many of them are 10-article or even 20-article orders…

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You are seemed worry about the large number of orders you are getting, while a lot of sellers are struggling with getting orders. we are all behind the eight ball. lol

Yup, gig pause does affect your ranking.

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This is awesome, thanks!