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New look of fiverr but live chat


Great looking at new look of fiverr, yet It will be best if there is a option of live chat for better communication with buyers.
Regards to Fiverr family.


I totally agree that we need a live chat option for communication between Seller and Buyer. The message system works - but not fluently enough. You have to constantly refresh the page, and still there are lots of hiccups within the conversation which means you have to scroll up to make sure you didn’t miss a response.

A real-time live chat option would be extremely helpful!


the chat is refreshing itself automatically, you do not have to refresh it :slight_smile: works like a charm!


Yes, I agree, Need Live chat option.
It will be helpful!


Yes please a design websites I need more than messages to understand what the customers need and these messages every few hours not sounds to alert me that a customer have answer. please a normal chat. . if some one paying 5 dollars is demanding imagine those who paid hundreds for their work.


I agree with this suggestion. Receiving an email for every message we send back and forth gets old fast. Having a place where we can chat fast without every word being sent out as an email would be very useful.


proposal agreed to




I do not understand why need live chat. Message works like live chat. You send and receive message instantly. If you use mobile app or Chrome web browser you will get a notification with sound when you receive a message.