New Mandatory Portfolio A Security Risk For Sellers


I just got a notice from Fiverr saying that my gigs are subject to the mandatory portfolio. This is a huge security risk for me. Most of my clients do not want their sales numbers and client contact information in my delivered reports made public. In my ghostwriting gig, the risks of copyright infringement of my work are huge. Design portfolios and logos would be subject to the same risk. What is Fiverr thinking ? I foresee a lot of buyers and sellers leaving over this issue.

Does anyone else feel the same way ?


I’m pretty sure buyers can opt out ??


I don’t understand it at all. I don’t even know what a Live Portfolio is.


Reply to @dsaldridge: Ditto…for example, is it going to dredge up all the deliveries from past orders? Where does it show up? What is going to look like? How can I make sure my buyers know if/how they can opt out (I offer writing gigs…pretty sure for copyright reasons, most will not want their text freely available on my page)?

Not to sound negative, but this doesn’t seem like a great idea. Plus…if instituting this change is the cause behind all of Fiverr’s buggy-ness today, I am not impressed.


Why not deliver the file like you normally do, then redeliver another file/thank you note. That way anybody that see’s your portfolio will just see the thank you notes. Just as long as you let your customer know before hand I don’t see why there would be any issues.


Reply to @emasonwrites: I don’t see how they could put copyrighted material on a public profile without the owner’s permission – seller or buyer.


Whatever reason could they have to make it mandatory? What point is there in showing dozens of examples of someone’s work? Will they eventually demand quotas?


Maybe they are doing it to build backlinks? All the images in a sellers portfolio would be indexed in Google Images, with a link back to Fiverr.

madmoo said: Buyers have the option whether they want to allow the image to be visible (they can click a little minus sign on the image which is delivered).
Sellers can deliver their work in zipped files when the portfolio is active, and images won't show.

Not to be picky, but the responsibility of protecting copyright/IP shouldn't fall on the buyers and sellers (more work, etc.,) just because Fiverr is trying to dominate search results. Buyers have enough trouble understanding a gig description, let alone playing with display options.

If I had a $1 for every time I had to explain zip files to clients - ones who were paying big money for extensive work (and spoke the same native language) - I wouldn't be selling on Fiverr at all. :)


How are sellers with consulting gigs going to display a portfolio?


the answer it to just zip or rar any work you do not want seen


Reply to @kjblynx: the solution to that is to create a self extracting rar file. it is sent to them as a rar file and when downloaded a box pops open and all they have to do is click a button they are prompted to click. the other person needs no rar or zip program or any know how of how to use one.


@madmoo I really wish Fiverr would stop screwing around trying to dominate search - I honestly think someone at HQ is clinically obsessed with getting to #1 on the internet - and focus on correcting all the nonsense that doesn’t work correctly and maybe clean house a little.

Not that I’m here very often any more, but it gets frustrating reading through the forums to see sellers asking for help or complaining about things when what they are selling is (and always has been) against TOS or flat out illegal just about everywhere.

And nearly every time I sign in there’s something not working - and I have to sign in because I only get email alerts about half the time! Ugh, oh well, it is what it is. :slight_smile: