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'New Member Alert' - Contenthood


We’re so excited to be here finally. We’re Contenthood, a ‘four-man’ writing team.

The HOOD is an acronym - Heidi, Orlena, Ottavia, and Daniela. we figured joining forces together will allow us leverage each other’s strengths.

We’re looking forward to building great relationships here.

Please welcome us!


Welcome to Fiverr! :confetti_ball: Hope your stay here will be a productive and fulfilling one! And just as a warning ahead: don’t let a few nasty experiences get in your way, every marketplace has them :wink:

So you are all a team, Heidi, Orlena, Ottavia and Daniela? I hope this isn’t too private, but who is “Steve” from your chosen nickname? :stuck_out_tongue:

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