New Member-how do I sell my gig


Hello y’all. I am a new member.I registered some 36 hours ago.I created my gig but i see it as a ‘draft’ still. how long does it take for the first gig to be operational? I am an academic writer with over 2yrs experience. i have worked with bluecorpservices and total essay. My major is on business subjects and high school papers. as a new member, how long will I have to wait to start working on my first job?
Thank you and I look forward to interacting with Fiverr community.


Just make sure you aren’t offering to write essays or school papers. Fiverr will not allow it as it is unethical.


I am a new member too. Did you make sure to attach a photo to your gig? It went active immediately for me once I did that.


hello, @loongye …thanks for your feedback.Sure, that might be the reason my gig is on the ‘draft’, checking on that right away!


Your gig seems to be active now, however, keep in mind that doing homework, essays, school papers, school assignments, or paid reviews is strictly forbidden. Your gig could quickly get denied.


@catwriter then, i bet I will need some help here. my expertise in academic writing. how can i go about that…any assistance will be appreciated


What can you offer that doesn’t include helping people to cheat at school (or paid reviews, Amazon sued over 1,000 Fiverr sellers for that)?


Just reposting this in case you missed it. :slight_smile:


thanks @offlinehelpers and @catwriter working on that.I appreciate…@uncarved didnt see that earlier on…thanks too