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New member - i have not got any client :(

hi, im new member and seller of fiverr , please guide me to be expert fiverr freelancer.


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You must get buyer be patience @ayuubb

Thanks for your advice :wink:

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  • Optmize your gig accordingly(Don’t ask me how,Research yourself…There have many tips & tricks available in fiverr forum…

  • Use attractive gig images…

  • Don’t copy other gig description ,title

  • Send 10 buyer request daily

  • Make strong your portfolio and promote it to targeted audience…Don’t share your gig on social media again & again…It will never back any benefit unless you have targeted audience.I mean you should promote your skill…

  • Stay Online most of the time…

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what is your nice can i see that

just see my gig in my profil

i saw your account you should do work on one niche you are selling multiples things like
logo design
ms office
it is not for you please choose one niche only logo design or data entry work
if i will one niche it is easy for you thanks

i saw your account you should do work in one niche you are using multiples niche it is not good for you

thanks,I like your advice

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Thanks Do you need more help you can ask me i will do that

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thanks,but at this time i’m also waiting for order. In-sha-allah I’ll get my orders !

and i’ll be very happy if you tell me something about my gigs

you did choose high competition niche like graphic design it is very hot niche maybe it takes time for first order i wil pray for you

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i will recommend you should build great portfolio for clients

yeah,thanks for giving me your valuable time & thanks to also for supporting us

thanks i hope you will best always

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Try to apply jobs on daily basis through buyer requests. You will get one. Consume all your daily 10 offers.

How do you send buyer requests? I can’t find any requests when I go to buyer requests page.

Same here, a solution can be to create more gigs because I noticed after checking your profile you have just one gig. There are probably no requests for that particular gig you created at that time. It’s easier to see buyer request when you have more than one gig.

New sellers can see less buyer requests than the upper levels seller.
You can read this topic.

I can see you have joined fiverr recently , haven’t got any order yet and you are giving suggestion … Really amazing.

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