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New Member - Maximo - Filmmaker/Photographer

Hello Everyone!

My names Maximo Zhang! I’m a filmmaker and photographer looking to find some potential customers on here as well as some great connections with some creators with complementary talents.

Also, if any other videographer/photographers have any advice for me on here. For the sake of developing my portfolio, I’m more-so interested in shooting the content myself. Has anyone had any experience with clients on Fiverr around having the client mail you their product? Or should I focus my energy towards gigs that can remain completely online.

p.s. If you visit my account it’ll say member since 2017, that was a typo and I cant figure out how to change it haha.


I am a professional wordpress developer.
Well wishes for your future, pray for me thanks.


Congratulations … Welcome to Fiverr. Wish you all the best here.

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Welcome, Best wishes for you😊