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New Member Needs Advice

To all those people saying it took months to get even a little out of this site how much time were u putting in. I have 24/7 availability and am hoping to pay my bills with this how realistic is this also how does this compare with upwork

Well you don’t really have to bid unlike upwork, which is a major bonus in my book (there is a section called buyers requests which lets you make limited bids).

Your actual question cannot really be answered as everyone will have different replies. I put my gigs up and did nothing else as I was busy working elsewhere and put no other effort into my Fiverr career until the gigs started coming in. Others will say you should spend all hours marketing yourself on social media.

Ultimately, you have a buttload of time and are asking questions about whether its worth it without having made the first step: creating an attractive gig. There’s a ton of advice threads on this forum and over the internet. Go read them.

In short: do something. Of course your ambitions are realistic, but if you waste time posting this kind of question on a forum and waiting for The Answer to arrive, you’ll get diddly squat. So go learn a bunch of stuff, and be realistic about your abilities.

Oh, and you can make a living on just upwork and fiverr alone if you’re any good at what you do and learn the rules and how to play the system to your advantage. Remember–there’s a lot of poor, desperate people with no skills out there. It’s 99% of your competition. Don’t be like them, otherwise in a year or two from now you’ll be back in an office or flipping burgers complaining about “internet scam money”.


As Emmaki says it’s worth trying to find out for yourself. Some do well and some don’t and you won’t know which you are until you try.

It is true that it takes time but it is possible. For me, experimenting with new gigs, new titles, pictures and offerings to test and see what works is so crucial to success